Rabu, 24 Oktober 2012

Pokemon Animation From Gen I

All Pokemon Animation site up to Generation V :

=Pokemon Kanto (Generation I)
=Pokemon Johto (Generation II)
=Pokemon Hoenn (Generation III)
=Pokemon Shinnoh (Generation IV)
=Pokemon Unova (Generation V)
=Pokemon Trainer Animation

Senin, 22 Oktober 2012

Pokémon Mystic Version-Gold Hack

This my 4th Pokémon hack version, this is a hack of Pokémon Gold
But, not complete yet :(

Storyline :
Once upon a time, a boy from Pallet Town named "ASH" is become to be Pokémon Master in 2001.
Then, He has a child named "ACE" and since 2006, he become Pokémon Master in Johto.
And now, a boy whos live in Batam Region want tobe next Pokémon Master and he start journey here..
Can he passing his journey to got all the badges, elite4 in League, got big trouble from Evil team?
Feature :
-New starter= Treckoo, Torchic, and Mudkip.
-More new Pokémon from Gen III.
-New map and town map.
-Adding "Jetrun" (looks like running shoes, but I change the sprite)
-New Hiro and Rival
-Add a Pokémon named "Sweet-X" which have 255 in all stats
-Add few new attack move
-More advanced trainer
-New Pokémon Champion
-All Pokémons that evolve by trading (Alakazam, Machoke, and Gengar)and with item (Scizor, Slowking, etc.) now just using with item that's looks like other evolution stones.
-Add some new item
-New evil team (Clown Team)
which provoke by Sweet Tooth in Twisted Metal game :)

Here's screenshot :
And new Professor :
New Pokémons-Fossil Aerodactyl :
King of Lapras? XD
Armour Onix !!! lol
The Clown Team Boss-Sweet Tooth :


New Update!!

Here some screenshot :


Senin, 15 Oktober 2012

Pokemon GBC Hacking Tools Full

OK guys, this time I want to share you my Pokemon GBC Tools collection and you can download it now
This zip is included a lot of hacking tools and document hacking tutorials for GBC version that's :

-AGIXP-for edit poke sprite
-Hack-O-Matic- for edit something
-TLP11- for edit graphic
-Goldfinger- Hex editor
-Translhextion- Hex editor
-Starter Editor- for edit your starter pokemon :)
-Goldmap 1.7- for editing map
-And more.. :)  (This is gonna be FUN!!!!) 

if you want it,

Jumat, 12 Oktober 2012

Pokemon Sprites

This all my ton of Pokemon Gen V Sprites,
some sprites made of me, and some made from my friends :)
There are from Generation III, IV, and V from Treckoo into Tepig (WOW.! That's cool!!! :))
Just give me a credit pleease..,

What are you Waiting for?/?


Have fun :)

Pokemon GBC Hacking opened

Welcome to the world of Pokemon GBC Hacking blogsite !! :)
This is my first blogger, so first of all I want to introducing my self
My name is Putra Pratama, but in Skeetendo my name is Hacker, I was born in Batam, at 30-05-1996.
I'am 17 years old, and I'am still school in Senior High School 1 my hobbies are Playing hacking ROMs, playing Playstation game likes: "Twisted Metal" the car destruction, shooy, drive, killing someone :D
Yeaah., I'am so like it! Because I'am a Twisted Metal fan from Twisted Metal 1, 2, 3, 4, Small Brawl, Black, Head-on, and the newest version in PS 3.,then I like playing dodge ball, basket ball, caramball, bicycling, jogging, swimming (but I don't like Playing football), Making computer virus and find newthing to remove new virus which update everyday/month/year.,but I like to Hacking Pokemon GBC too much..
btw, I like to study English leangue, because I want to go outcountry :) and like to learn about Visual basic, because I wanna be Programmer ( or Hacker ?).
In this site you can enjoy to download GSC hacking tools, that include all of program tools for hacking and sometimes if I make Pokemon hack rom you can download it too.. :)
Everything is free!!!